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For some time D. Kegel has maintained this handy tool that allows you to test wine with different options. While it started out as a command line script, it quickly gained a graphical interface and many comprehensive features and with older versions of wine became probably the only way to test wine using DCom98 (Note: due to the development of wine, very, very rarely is dcom98 needed today). If you are playing with different options, be aware of two things:

eg:To get your existing installs out of the way.. on the command line type mv .wine .wine.backup

Feb 08 wine devel D. Kegel wrote: Some users freak at the thought of a commandline, so I threw together a trivial GUI using whatever gui-from-shell tool is appropriate for the current desktop.

Unfortunately, that means the default action is to put up a gui, not show help. You have to say winetricks -h or the like to get help.

It's ugly, so shoot me

Update the latest version is now available at the svn repository

When viewing the text, make sure your browser is set to UTF8. So for Firefox users, it would be menu, View, Character encoding, Unicode(UTF-8). You know you have it right when you can see the text example provided in the file.

D. Kegel Nov 08 winedevel: Please submit bug reports to

Vitamin [sept 08 wineuser] it can break or make some programs work. It really depends on each individual program. Don't loose the Wine's objective - no windows required to run windows programs. Remember that to install most m$' redistributables you need a valid windows license. Jan 09 he wrote: Install all the requirements with RECENT version of winetricks.

It has continued to grow in popularity. D. Kegel Feb 09: I know, when I wrote Winetricks, I meant it as a developers' tool only. But... then... people started using it, and it made sense to provide it as a way to download missing visual C++ runtimes etc. for average users. Quite a few newbies trip over the fact that it needs cabextract installed. Let's make it easy for folks, actually package it up along with Wine (SuSE does this already), and put it in the Wine menu right beneath "Uninstall Windows Software". What do people think? It might make life easier for a lot of folks. [..] and sort out where it really belongs later? It really is a missing piece, and having all the Wine stuff together in one menu entry is arguably a nice way to group it, at least for now.[By the time you read this - it may already be included with wine on your distribution. If it isn't, perhaps file a bug with your distribution]

Using a Different WINEPREFIX

Winehq Bugzilla entry 21212 The winetricks script is aware of other prefixes, you just have to make sure WINEPREFIX environment variable is set before using winetricks to apply changes under that new prefix...

[Ed, so if you set the wine prefix when you open a terminal dont forget that if you open another terminal, you will need to set the wine prefix there too. ]

winetricks dcom98 comctl32 vb6run vcrun6

J. Mckenzie: Do this in the same window that you set the WINEPREFIX! This will NOT work in two different terminal sessions.

Using a compiled wine

winetricks needs to be able to find wine. If you followed the git instructions, wine will be located in the home folder, under wine-git. Set the WINE environment in the terminal, and then run winetricks:


Obtaining WineTricks

Because winetricks is regularly updated, you may want to download the latest. Winetricks also uses cabextract so make sure you install that too. The suggestions below refer to a terminal window at times. If you have not seen this before, this is a dos like screen that we type commands into. The reason we type commands is that it is the clearest and quickest way to be sure you have got it right. Explaining how to click with a mouse runs into mistakes and needs plenty of pictures. Now, where to find it? Gnome has one under the menu applications>system tools>terminal window. KDE and others have it too. Have a look in the menu list and you will find it somewhere there. Often it is an represented icon like a blank black screen.

With Suse M. Meissener [dec 08 wine devel] said the latest version is already included with the wine package, perhaps it has a menu option. For all those other users of Wine

  1. get the latest winetricks from this site:
  2. copy the text and save to file. In this example the instructions expect you to save it as winetricks.txt in your home folder.
  3. Open a terminal window (like a dos screen) and mark the file as executable (so that it can run):
  1. run winetricks which lists the options available, or run it with the options you need eg: Install corefonts, times and arial fonts by typing in a terminal

Another way is to download and run winetricks all in one go - in this example it is installing vcrun6 and windows scripting. Note - how it uses sh to avoid using chmod to alter the executable permissions.. [May 08 D. Kegel]:

wget sh winetricks vcrun6 wsh56

Further Reading

Obtaining Cabextract

Winetricks makes use of cabextract, which means you need to get it. It is available through your existing software systems so use your normal method of installing software and install cabextract. For fedora yum install cabextract will work fine.

according to a wineuser [dec 09] Install it using MacPorts. Code: $ port info cabextract cabextract @1.2 (archivers, compression, sysutils) Variants: universal

Description: cabextract can extract Microsoft cabinet files, also called .CAB files, on *nix systems. cabextract supports all special features and all compression formats of Microsoft cabinet files. Homepage:

Another suggested: sudo port install cabextract

Uninstalling Winetricks

Because it is a script, delete the script and the cache and you are pretty much done. However it does not yet to have an uninstall for when you installed something on wine using winetricks.

Dec 09 wineuser: Is there not a simple sh uninstall winetrick msi2, or something similar, please?

Dimesio: Remove the overrides for msi and msiexec.exe in winecfg.

J. McKenzie [There is no uninstall tool for winetricks], but maybe Dan or Austin can add it in the future. Actually, [rm -rf ~/.wine-clean; WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-clean wine setup.exe (which erases and then recreates the wine folder called wine-clean)] is exactly how you should remove the program. Yes it is ugly, but it is 'safe' as it removes the program and all settings to add it.

Font Hinting

Font Hinting can make things look pretty and the muti tool called winetricks can let you experiment with it.

core fonts

to install the microsoft core fonts:

  1. copy/save to file. In this example we call it winetricks.txt
  2. mark the file as executable:
  1. run winetricks, which lists the options. chose corefonts, times and arial fonts. typing in a terminal

CJK or Asian Fonts

[bug 16325] Dan Kegel dec 08: I will include a few asian fonts in winetricks soon. If there are any you'd like included, please email [dank at kegel dot com] with their authoritative download URL. If I can verify that it's truly legal to download, I'll try to include it.

D. Kegel: "sh winetricks fontfix" will warn you about the bad fonts.


Vitamin wine user 08 jun: use winetricks to install codecs

D. Kegel: That said, Maarten Lankhorst is doing a lot of work to get DirectShow filters for codecs working in Wine. As a result of his work, I think, Media Player Classic (a good plain-old-directshow media player) works much better than it did a few months ago. He's trying to get schroedinger working with it now.



stub! fixme:msxml:bsc_QueryInterface interface {6d5140c1-7436-11ce-8034-00aa006009fa} not implemented

vitamin [sept 08 wne user] Try installing msxml3:

./winetricks msxml3

One user tried [jan09]: I downloaded msxml3.msi from the Microsoft site and installed it using "msiexec /i".

Vitamin: This is not enough. That's why the recommended way is winetricks.

err:ole:apartment_getclassobject DllGetClassObject returned error 0x80040111 
err:ole:create_server class {f5078f33-c551-11d3-89b9-0000f81fe221} not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {f5078f33-c551-11d3-89b9-0000f81fe221} could be created for context 0x5

... <repeats several times> --- snip ---

Apr 09: Not sure if this will be critical at some point but you can work around by 'winetricks msxml3' which will set native preference (installer will update Msxml3 component with SP7) to have the app use the free threaded DOM document versions, preventing the message flood. Winehq Bugzilla entry 1205

err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {88d969c0-f192-11d4-a65f-0040963251e5} not registered
err:ole:create_server class {88d969c0-f192-11d4-a65f-0040963251e5} not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {88d969c0-f192-11d4-a65f-0040963251e5} could be created for context 0x5
fixme:msxml:domdoc_createNode nodes with namespaces currently not supported.
--- snip ---
-> CLSID_DOMDocument40

'winetricks -q msxml4' works around the problem. Winehq Bugzilla entry 16998


This is the minumum run time for access. One user reported his program With ADO Connection , It does not work ! Can wine support it ? A, English: Try 'winetricks art2kmin'.


Jun 08 Bug13935: Since Windows 2000, Microsoft ships the JET engine as part of the operating system. Some applications (notable example: Microsoft Access 2003) need the JET engine to work properly, but do not include it with their installation media. A workaround is to install the (at this time) freely available redistributable "JET 4.0 engine Service Pack 8", for example via winetricks.

The issue "Crash on creating new database / opening existing database" reported in the AppDB for Access 2003 is a symptom of a missing JET engine.


If you do not know which one, dont install both. Winehq Bugzilla entry 19297 jul 09 : There is a bug that affects the vcrun installers. You should only run one [vcrun2005 or vcrun2005sp1] .

winetricks vcrun2005sp1 should be enough.

fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC"

This may be helped by: $ sh winetricks vcrun2005

fixme:actctx:parse_depend_manifests Could not find dependent assembly L"Microsoft.VC80.CRT" (8.0.50727.762)

A. Focht Winehq Bugzilla entry 18646 8.0.50727.762 is Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package. You need 'winetricks vcrun2005sp1' If in doubt about build numbers you can always visit appdb: and pick the correct one...

err:module:import_dll Library MSVCP71.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\windows\\temp\\msi396a.tmp") not found

Winehq Bugzilla entry 19102 You need to fix this (use 'winetricks vcrun2003').


L. Lenders Feb 09 Winehq Bugzilla entry 14757: I did "winetricks mfc42" (also installs a native oleaut32) Then set oleaut32 to native.


When I try to install [..] it says I need Windows Scripting Host and cancels the installation process.

Dmsio [jul 08]: Try using winetricks to install Windows Scripting Host: sh winetricks wsh56


A submitter wrote a patch for winetricks to: only overwrite d3dx9_36.dll, because all other d3dx9_xx.dlls should be redirected by wine's implementation, so this shouldn't be needed for this dlls.

A. English [apr 09]: there's a keyword (d3dx9) that only overrides these dlls. The current directx is for sledgehammer approach (a warning against it has been added).

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