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Wine Application Database

As of May 2007 there is an entry in the Application database. Keep in mind that this software has been updated with Watchtower Library 2008 which also installs on wine with the help of winetricks.

Become a Maintainer
Have you considered volunteering to be an additional Maintainer for this software.

Regularly Submitting results for installing and running on the latest version of Wine makes a big difference for others considering using Wine. By looking at how well the software runs others can be encouraged to try it themselves and together you can make progress in finding workarounds. By testing the software you will also notice when something breaks and when you make a bug report, the bugzilla team will often point it out to the person who broke it. If you are slightly more technically minded, you are able to regularly compile wine and test it before each fortnightly release then you will catch breakages before each wine release.

  • Who can be a Maintainer? - anyone. no programming experience required.
  • What is required of a Maintainer? - not much, but you do make a real difference.

Official Information

Unofficial Information

A big advantage of being a maintainer is that as you quickly become familiar with installing and using wine with your software, you can have a direct hand in improving wine and your software. Many times you will find very handy tips posted by others and by posting a summary many benefit from your work. When you are asked a question you don't know, simply post in the wine-users forum and perhaps someone can help.

Just by being there, you make a difference. A maintainer quickly tests each monthly release of wine, and adds to the application database a rating of how good it runs.. gold/silver/bronze or garbage. Wine is constantly being improved, and occasionally something breaks. When you do spot a breakage, file a bug in bugzilla and if you want to try and fix it you can then post to the wine-devel mailing list for advice. However, if you have a little spare time (usually about 2 hours, in between doing other things) regression testing allows you to identify which patch caused the break. By filling out a bugzilla report, posting the name of the software, and the patch which broke it to the wine-devel mailing list, the developer who broke it can have a look at fixing it.

  • This often results in very quick fixes.

Further Help to Wine
If you are able to keep an eye out for bug reports for your software and adding a note to the bug report whether you can confirm if it is a real bug or not, you can help the bugzilla team and developers spend more time on improving Wine. For each Wine release, make a small note in the bug confirming whether it is still present or if it has been fixed.


Insallation instructions

ubuntu 6.06 - 7.10

GOOD NEWS: From wine 0.9.60 on you don't need anything to install nor run wtlib, INCLUDING special fonts and tooltips. Just doubleclick Setup.exe. (or 'wine setup.exe')

Fedora Core 5

Works with no unusual adjustments required from the install. Use the Desktop icon. The usual problems are present (tool tips, etc.). In a terminal it throws bucket loads of errors mainly about dlls, and fails sometimes probably due to timing issues.

Fedora Core 8

Hint: make a backup of .wine before installing. Then you can start again using the backup.

Pre wine0.9.60

Standard Install (wine /media.../CDROM Name../Setup) does install, but fails to run with msg that the Library has an error even after installing MSVC8. Then tried installing fonts but no go. Starting Again..

Install has wtlib 2006 and wtreader previously installed.. Some notes: Wine has font overrides so if someone can work out what font causes the problem, we may be able to workaround it. Printing the readme file as suggested crashed wine which may be related to this fixme - fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_UpdatePrintDlgW Collate lppd not yet implemented as output. Perhaps a bug report, could be filed, with a debug version of wine. Note: Attach any trace to a bug report (Pasting traces can irritate wine developers). ole:create_server class {96749377-3391-11d2-9ee3-00c04f797396} not registered appears to be related to a MS speech dll, which I think may be PROGRAMFILESCOMMON%% \ Microsoft Shared \ Speech \ sapi.dll which is not found on my wine install. It may need installing speech and an entry in the registry like.. [HKEY-CLASSES-ROOT\\CLSID\\{96749377-3391-11d2-9ee3-00c04f797396}] SPVoiceClass, InprocServer32 default C:\Program Files\Microsoft Shared\Speech\sapi.dll, ProgID, TypeLib, VersionIndependentProgID and a few more. Or the dll may only need registering i.e. wine regsvr32 sapi.dll.

Wine RC1

Standard Install (wine /media.../CDROM Name../Setup) does install, but fails to run with msg that the Library has an error. "Watchtower Libary has experienced a problem and cannot continue" or somthing. It still needs Microsoft Fonts.

Some notes: Wine has font overrides so if someone can work out what font causes the problem, we may be able to workaround it. Printing the readme file as suggested crashed wine which may be related to this fixme - fixme:commdlg:PRINTDLG_UpdatePrintDlgW Collate


This works well with the following adjustments, at least with the official SMP kernel.

  1. Got the latest version of Wine (works with 9.54)
  2. Install as usual
  3. Grab winetricks and run
    winetricks vcrun2005 to solve the msvcr80.dll issues. corefonts to get corefonts (you HAVE TO. Otherwise, you'll get the popup message : "Watchtower Library encountered an error and cannot continue. You can also install these by grabbing winetools and installed all msttcorefonts.)
  4. Presuming default install, cd to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 and run this to links in all the dlls. lndir is a slackware package on the dvd :
    lndir ../../Program\ Files/Watchtower/MEPSCommon
  5. In the same dir, run mkdir MEPSPlugIns
  6. cd into MEPSPlugIns and run
    lndir ../../../Program\ Files/Watchtower/MEPSCommon/MEPSPlugIns

You are ready to run. If you have kernel based video drivers, (e.g. nvidia) this is a good time to set them up - after you compiled the kernel and before you make clean.

openSUSE 10.3 - 11.0

Open SuSe 10.3 x86_64, KDE: 3.5.7 "release 72.4", Kernel: Linux x86_64, Wine 0.9.52.

For SuSE 10.0 using Wine 0.9.42, (and openSuse 11 alpha & Wine 0.9.57):

To install, I just popped in the CD and opened the install.exe with Wine. The installation went fine, I didn't have to do anything. I already had Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (vcredist_x86.exe) installed so I guess that helped. Before starting, I had to set WTLib to use comctl32 in winecfg. To start it, I had to delete the .ink file and found that the WTLibrary start icon had been hidden underneath it. When I clicked on the WTLibrary icon, it started up fine except for a problem with sound and maps when using the sub-menu method *.

(I found a little work around for the maps and sound if I need it -- go to the Brochures section (from All Publications), choose the "Good Earth" brochure and click on an article, the map thumbnail is included with it. Click on that and the map will open just fine. Click on an area on the map and bring up the appropriate article and there is a sound icon next to the title. Click on that and then the sound will work.)

Even my favorites had been carried over from the 2006 version to the 2007 version. But, "Organize Favorites" does not open. However, I can add folders to store my favorites and I can still add favorites.

* I was told by Arno on that I could double-click any word with the left mouse button and it brought up a list that included a multimedia list and I was able to double click on any of the items there and the sound worked nicely and the maps did too.

I also still have WTLib2006 installed alongside the 2007 version and the former one still works perfectly so that's good. Tooltips, Daily Text and the school schedule work and I can re-order search results.

For openSuse 11.0 RC1 using Wine 1.0 RC2

You just need to install wine, Version 1.0 RC2.

Then get the arial32.exe Font Package from here.

Install this via:

wine arial32.exe

Afterwards insert your Watchtower Library 2007 CD into CD-Drive.

Just click on the Setup.exe or go into your Terminal and enter

wine ~/username/media/WTLib07/Setup.exe

Ran usual install, finish -> enjoy WTLib on openSuse 11.0 =)

Good luck and much fun!

FreeBSD 7-CURRENT (July 07)


PCLinuxOS 2007 and MiniME 2008

Have fun.

Debian 4.0 "etch"

cd /home/your-user-name/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Watchtower/MEPSCommon
env WINEPREFIX="/home/your-user-name/.wine" wine "C:\\Program Files\\Watchtower\\Watchtower Library 2007\\B\\WTLibrary.exe" 
   winetricks vcrun2005  

Puppy Linux

This How-To is for Puppy Linux Version 3.01 (it may work on 2.14 but has not been tested).

Download ISO at

It has been tested on two PC's with only basic pentium class processors and only 64MB of ram (for 64MB RAM install HD needs to be at least 600MB & larger if more ram is available) using a Puppy Linux 3.01 full HD install {this is easily done by booting the PC with the Puppy 3.01 boot CD by using [Pdisk partition manager] and selecting cfdisk to remove old partitions from hard drive and then running [Puppy universal installer] IDE (ATA) internal hard drive selecting the relevant drive - Gparted partition manager will then be run - select the correct drive and create 2 new partitions (both primary) - the first is an ext3 (using most of the disk space) and the second is a Linux-Swap (this is usually about three times the size of the RAM available). Apply the changes and close Gparted. Re-run [Puppy universal installer] IDE (ATA) internal hard drive selecting the relevant drive. Now select a Full Install. Select to create a grub boot-loader - follow the instructions including booting from the MBR. Once complete do not re-run the grub configurator and exit. The boot CD can now be removed and the PC re-started. When the Grub blue screen appears select Linux and press enter. Puppy will now go through some setup process. Select the correct keyboard country location. When it asks about display type select Xvesa and then the correct resolution for your monitor - and that's about it}.


Now for the WTLibrary install...

Install from

When Winecfg appears leave default setting as Windows 2000 and just close.

Save arial fonts from To run this file change "set run action" from ["$@"] to [wine "$@"]. Click "use command". Now run file.

Also go to and save all *.ttf fonts to /root/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts.

Use "Pmount - Puppy Drive Mounter" to mount Watchtower Library 2007 CD. open /mnt/hdc folder and run Setup.exe. Go through install process include copying data to hard disk.

Copy WTLibrary.exe from /root/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Watchtower/Watchtower Library 2007/E to /root/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Watchtower/MEPSCommon This can be done using two copies of ROX-Filer file manager (both set to show hidden files). Navigate to both locations given above and drag and drop the program to MEPSCommon. A question box will appear - just select Copy.

Now drag and drop the MEPSCommon version of WTLibrary.exe to the desktop to create an short-cut (You can then edit the icon picture and Title if you wish).

To enable printing use the Puppy Linux CUPS printer wizard - once the printer is set up and working in Linux it will be available for use in the WT Library (this instruction only applies to Puppy Linux 3.01 as 2.14 uses a different printing system).

Click the icon you have created and you should up and running.

I have not included instruction on the setting up of comctrl32.dll as I have written this howto instruction for the re-cycling of old PC hardware or assembled components which would have no legal MS licence for its use but it would not be too difficult to add.

Xandros on EEEPC 900

Press Home+T to open a terminal

start synaptic with the command

sudo synaptic

Add repository to synaptic:


Distribution: stable

Sections(s): main non-free contrib

Press the reload button.

install wine with synaptic or

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wine

download GPL greek/hebrew fonts from and unpack them into /usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont

this can be done like:

cd /usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont

sudo w get

sudo tar zxvf ttfs.tgz

create wrapper script and save to e.g. /home/user: You can download a sample here, NOTE this is for the spanish edition:




cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Archivos\ de\ programa/Watchtower/MEPSCommon/

wine ../Watchtower\ Library\ 2007/S/wtlibrary.exe

Ctrl+X - answer Y, enter

chmod +x

Try to insert the watchtower library CD, just to discover there is no cd drive... Insert it into some other machine having a CD drive, and copy the contents to a memory stick: (or use drag-n-drop)

cp -rv /media/cdrom/* /media/usbdisk

then, on the asus

mkdir /home/user/wtlib

cp -rv /media/usbdisk/* /home/user/wtlib

setup wtlib on the asus with:

cd /home/user/wtlib

wine Setup.exe

you can now start wtlib with


Adding an icon to AsusLauncher in "simple mode":

Sample icons on copy the desired wtlib-icons into:

sudo cp *.png /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher

IMPORTANT! backup /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc:

cp /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc /home/user

edit the simpleui.rc file:

sudo nano /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc

add these lines right after some line saying </parcel> (you can add different language defs following the example):

<parcel extraargs="/home/user/" simplecat="Work" selected_icon="wtlib_hi.png" icon="wtlib_norm.png" >

<name lang="en" >Watchtower library</name>

<name lang="es_ES" >Biblioteca Watchtower</name>


ctrl+x, answer y and press enter.

or use altools, see

sudo w get

sudo dpkg -i ./altools_0.3.deb

Kill X server with Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. The wtlib icon should show up in the category Work.

If you typed something wrong and simple mode doesn't show up, don't panic, but:

  1. Home+T
  1. sudo cp /home/user/simpleui.rc /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher (or fix /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc )
  1. If you didn't backup the simpleui.rc file as shown above (see IMPORTANT), you're basically out of luck.

NOTE The built-in system prepends a prefix to the icon name specified in simpleui.rc. Running the silverish theme, the specified icon wt.png would for instance be sought by the name business_wt.png. Depending on the theme you use, you could therefore use some symlinks to make the icons display correctly. (Making business_wt.png point to wt.png)

Someone could help out creating themed icons for wtlib, then we wouldn't need to do this...

If you're happy with the supplied icon(s)

cd /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher

for the silverish theme:

sudo ln -s wtlib_hi.png business_wtlib_hi.png

sudo ln -s wtlib_norm.png business_wtlib_norm.png

for the geenish theme:

sudo ln -s wtlib_hi.png student_wtlib_hi.png

sudo ln -s wtlib_norm.png student_wtlib_norm.png

and so on, depending on the theme.

if you wonder what is the correct name for your theme,

konqueror /opt/xandros/share/AsusLauncher

and look at the icon names. You will see a pattern.

to fix the tooltips, some buttons etc: override comctl32.dll with an XP one. This may not be legal where you live. The comctl32.dll I have successfully used is about 557056 bytes, version number comctl32_5.82.2800.1106.

override comctl: copy in a win XP comctl32.dll to /home/user/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32

cp comctl32.dll /home/user/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32

other comctl32.dll versions could work, too.

setup comctl override:


under the Libraries tab, enter

comctl32 and press Add

NOTE that this could break if you later update wine (when Debian etch packages catches up)...

Moving wtlib to a new machine/OS

Q:Why? A: When you don't have the install CD you might have to move your working wtlib install.

info on moving the install coming up...

A very convenient way of avoiding this problem is to save the entire install CD to your hard drive before installing. Say you make a directory /home/user/wtlibcds/07/N/

Now, copy in the entire CD with cp -rv /media/cdrom/* /home/user/wtlibcds/07/N/

You can then run wine /home/user/wtlibcds/07/N/Setup.exe

and choose "Don't install the data to the hard disk". The install is done in seconds, and you don't need the CD in the future. :)

I don't want to say anything about licenses here, since this might not work on the intended platform (Windows).


The WTFavLauncher.exe residing in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Watchtower/ takes favourite files (*.wtfav) and executes a wtlibrary.exe in the same language that was used to create the favourite file.

I've made a small shell script that should work for most distributions: You can make favourites work by (in the example I'm using GNOME)

Now, Bob should be your uncle, and you can double-click any .wtfav to open it in Watchtower Library 2007. However, I've noticed that if wtlib is not running at the time you double-click the .wtfav, Watchtower Library 2007 is opened, but does not go to the favourite location. Just double-click the file again.




OK This might be a bit off-topic, but... I've made icons for all the existing wtlib2007 versions, in different sizes. The original xcf is there, too, so you can make your own by changing the background layer. There is also a script for resizing your finished icons to arbitrary sizes - see here.

If you want an icon for the favourite (.wtfav) files, unpack this file into your home directory. It is a single file living in ~/.icons. You can unpack it by

There is another nice icon here, that you can use in the desktop. Copy it to /usr/share/icons, it has 128x128px, so the links will be easy to handle.

What's new in this version ?

Favourites work [better than before].

Known issues/Bugs/TODO

err:module:import_dll Library uresearch20u.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\Program Files\\Watchtower\\Watchtower Library 2007\.... not found

Usually this is solved by Starting the Library from the MEPS folder, or copy all the dlls into the wtlib.exe folder.


[Bug 13162] Jan 09: A post wrote: WTlibrary 2007 DE/CHS/EN works good, Chinese simple version work fine.but Chinese traditional crashed at start. i think these is some fonts in windows system, which wt-library needs.[..] in another computer they all work fine, so i think, WT CH maybe needs some fonts,which in wine do not exist. [Apparently copying the Windows Fonts to the Wine font folder should work (about 200MB?). Also a reg change was suggested]

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

[There] you will find something like this:

�MS Shell Dlg�=�SimSun�
�MS Shell Dlg 2?=�SimSun�

[..]i change the both shell fonts as Songti, you can change them as one in your language.

[anon] Jan 09 One post that may be of interest


Winehq Bugzilla entry 13162 wtlib need at least Wingding.ttf or it crashes because japanese version seems to rely on named font files included in Windows system. [this is a bug in wine, and eventually will be fixed. Wine will eventually need to implement a replacement for this font as wine has done with other fonts)


Wine Application Database: All versions | 2007 version

Watchtower official site: NOTE The Watchtower society gives no official support for Apple nor Linux, as stated in the readme.txt on your installation CD.

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