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Microsoft Office is likely the largest and most well-known software suite currently available. Commercial companies and many users may prefer the Codeweavers commercial version of Wine, which provides support and apparently lets you install as easily as on Windows. The difference between Codeweavers and Wine is noticed with Office, as Codeweavers lists Office working as one of their main goals whereas Wine has emulating windows as its goal.

This wiki is mainly collecting unofficial tips and suggestions from the forums and does not replace the application database.


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Winehq Main AppDB entry Microsoft Office {Installer Only) Only for issues related to the installer and not the individual applications.

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Regularly Submitting results for installing and running on the latest version of Wine makes a big difference for others considering using Wine. By looking at how well the software runs others can be encouraged to try it themselves and together you can make progress in finding workarounds. By testing the software you will also notice when something breaks and when you make a bug report, the bugzilla team will often point it out to the person who broke it. If you are slightly more technically minded, you are able to regularly compile wine and test it before each fortnightly release then you will catch breakages before each wine release.

  • Who can be a Maintainer? - anyone. no programming experience required.
  • What is required of a Maintainer? - not much, but you do make a real difference.

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A big advantage of being a maintainer is that as you quickly become familiar with installing and using wine with your software, you can have a direct hand in improving wine and your software. Many times you will find very handy tips posted by others and by posting a summary many benefit from your work. When you are asked a question you don't know, simply post in the wine-users forum and perhaps someone can help.

Just by being there, you make a difference. A maintainer quickly tests each monthly release of wine, and adds to the application database a rating of how good it runs.. gold/silver/bronze or garbage. Wine is constantly being improved, and occasionally something breaks. When you do spot a breakage, file a bug in bugzilla and if you want to try and fix it you can then post to the wine-devel mailing list for advice. However, if you have a little spare time (usually about 2 hours, in between doing other things) regression testing allows you to identify which patch caused the break. By filling out a bugzilla report, posting the name of the software, and the patch which broke it to the wine-devel mailing list, the developer who broke it can have a look at fixing it.

  • This often results in very quick fixes.

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Current Status

Office is a moving target. Wine can make sudden progress so this may become quickly out of date.

July 08 Parts of MS Office will install. Outlook does not but does have some success with codeweavers. As one poster wrote in wine user jul 08 Moreover, buying Crossover is a great way to support wine development. For the all in one Office CD in Feb 09 one wrote: Run wine setup.exe from the /media/cd/OFFICE directory instead of the root of the cd. The setup.exe you're running just brings up the menu screen which breaks wine.

Microsoft Office 2007

Please regularly update the application database entry with your results for wine. If you could be a maintainer, you would help wine.

Forum Comments

Dimesio [Jan 09]: Office 2007 Enterprise takes a long time to display the last digit of the product key and move on to the next step. It takes about a minute on my 2.3 GHz system; I imagine it could take quite a bit longer on an underpowered netbook. The delay has nothing to do with validation; it's a deficiency in Wine's riched20.

You can speed up the process by using native riched20 for the installer,or just wait longer. After installing, set riched20 to (native, builtin), as Powerpoint won't start up without it, and it fixes some other glitches in Word as well. There's no need to copy the dll or use winetricks; Office 2007 installs its own riched20, but the override needs to be set in order for Wine to use it.

A. English: [If you want to set the override for the installer], it will still work. Just set it to native, it runs its own copy. [Office's version will be installed and used].

S. Edwards [Jun 06]: Office 2007 only runs on XP and higher and it expects the dll [gdiplus.dll] to already be there. M. Hearn: So we find some free application that contains it and install that first wine archive

Microsoft Office 2003

Wine Forum Comments

__[Sept 06]__ A user tried to test install office 2003 on wine 0.9.21, but noticed errors. He then queried about this as office 2003 works on codeweavers.

J White explained the apparent mystery had a quite simple reason: Codeweavers version of Wine has changes that Alexandre deems unacceptable for the "clean" WineHQ tree.

James checked the Codeweavers version of Wine: there are a lot of "Codeweaver "HACK HACK HACK" Alerts" everywhere in key dlls.

C. Wright made an interesting suggestion: [if] you are a developer, why don't you clean codeweaver's hacks and resubmit the code

Ed: Codeweavers is trying to get a few programs working for now while they and Wine continue to work on the problems, whereas Wine is trying to get it right for all programs running on Wine. With two different objectives sometimes there are differences. The end result is that Wine continues to improve.

[May 06] Finally I have got Excel to work on Mandriva. [...] with wine version 0.9.13 wine archive

[Dec 05] A user confirmed by means of screen shots in the developer wiki, office 2003 runs with Wine on BSD. After J. Hawkins made some changes [Jun 05], M.McCormack said: Thanks for the fixes. This makes Office 2003 work again for me.Wine Archive

Tips and Tricks

Feel free to add some here

Troubleshooting Office 2003

Consistant progress is being seen in this area. A. Stewart [May 2005]: the basic [MSI installer] functionality and structure is [now] there. It also should allow you to actually start installing Office. With the current CVS tip Office2003 fails to install due to actions relating to MSXML failing but that is where our effort is now focused Wine Archives.

Further Reading

Office 2000

Microsoft Office components can be installed individually. Word, Excell have been known to work well. Microsoft Access with Codeweavers is rated [May 05] as Silver.

Office 2000 Application Database

Current Status Office 2000


warn:module:load_dll Failed to load module L"D:\\.wine\\drive_c\\Program
Files\\Microsoft Office\\Office\\MSACCESS.EXE"; status=c0000020 wine:
could not load L"D:\\.wine\\drive_c\\Program Files\\Microsoft
Office\\Office\\MSACCESS.EXE": Bad EXE format for

Toby: I've found a workaround: installing an English version of Office. The Italian version I was trying to install always triggers the "Bad EXE format for" error, no matter what I do. Wine archive

May 2010: wine: Bad EXE format for E:\SETUP.EXE The cd had some fingerprints/scratches. cleaning it worked.

Office 97

Current Status Office 97

and I need help with issue #2 if anyone has ideas.

Tips and tricks

A user posted to the forum [July 05] his list of dll overrides:

"commdlg"      = "builtin, native"
"comdlg32"     = "builtin, native"
"ver"          = "builtin, native"
"version"      = "builtin, native"
"shell"        = "builtin, native"
"shell32"      = "builtin, native"
"shfolder"     = "builtin, native"
"shlwapi"      = "builtin, native"
"shdocvw"      = "builtin, native"
"lzexpand"     = "builtin, native"
"lz32"         = "builtin, native"
"comctl32"     = "builtin, native"
"commctrl"     = "builtin, native"
"advapi32"     = "builtin, native"
"crtdll"       = "builtin, native"
"mpr"          = "builtin, native"
"winspool.drv" = "builtin, native"
"ddraw"        = "builtin, native"
"dinput"       = "builtin, native"
"dsound"       = "builtin, native"
"opengl32"     = "builtin, native"
"msvcrt"       = "native, builtin"
"rpcrt4"       = "native, builtin"
"msvideo"      = "builtin, native"
"msvfw32"      = "builtin, native"
"mcicda.drv"   = "builtin, native"
"mciseq.drv"   = "builtin, native"
"mciwave.drv"  = "builtin, native"
"mciavi.drv"   = "native, builtin"
"mcianim.drv"  = "native, builtin"
"msacm.drv"    = "builtin, native"
"msacm"        = "builtin, native"
"msacm32"      = "builtin, native"
"midimap.drv"  = "builtin, native"
"ole2disp"      = "native, builtin"
; default for all other dlls
"*" = "native, builtin"

For Wine versions later than and including Wine20050628 the config file has been removed. You could either use winecfg or this could be made into a .reg file and imported into the registry. These dll overrides should be defined as application specific.

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